The revolution 100% 3D

2018-01-04T17:11:34+00:00 19/12/2017|

2018 is for Groupe Empreintes a year of transition towards the 100% 3D. The softwares evolutions and communications tools between building trade professional are changing rapidly. Our position as designer, ahead of the building processus chain, brings us naturally to show the way.

It is time for us to move towards the 100% 3D and BIM procedures. The digitalization has long been restricted to our engineering departments, today it is available to all aspects of our agency, including the building site. The digital model supports our site managers and helps all the participants. An investment plan in software and staff training is scheduled for 2018-2019.

The objective is to reach 100% 3D by the end of 2019, ensuring continuity of production means of the various agencies.

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