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Groupe Empreintes combines multi disciplinary teams to meet your expectations. Discover the men and women who make your projects happen.

Laurent Ortiz

Laurent Ortiz – President & architect

Because plurality and diversity are a strength, we cultivate the talent of each team member as we preserve the identity of each of our agencies.

We work hand in hand in a convivial and collaborative ambiance to reveal our best and serve our projects.

We keep our learning spirits open by developing  regularly new methods and techniques.

The agencies’ teams grow bigger as projects and  life in the group go by, so that each and everyone can one day leave its own imprint.

Christelle Blanc
Administrative assistant / technical secretary

Stéphane Blanc
Quantity surveyor / specification

Alain Bonneil
Project manager

Stéphane Cayrou

Sandrine Costes
Quantity surveyor / specification

Pascal Fantuz
CAD Designer

Nathalie Kallohn
Administrative assistant / tender

Jennifer Lozano

Sébastien Pacreau
Project Manager

Régine Tournier
Accounts assistant